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Kathy Casmey, MA, LMFT

Behavioral Specialist - OCRP

Kathy Casmey, MA, LMFT obtained her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology: Marriage and Family Therapy at University of San Francisco in Sacramento, CA.  Prior to completing MFT licensure, Ms. Casmey worked for many years at AT&T, working as a manager within marketing, sales, and customer service.  As an MFT Intern, Ms. Casmey has provided school based counseling with elementary and middle school children, supporting assigned student’s educational goals and personal behavior plans. Ms. Casmey has worked as a group and personal therapist in substance abuse settings, providing CBT skills, and self-care techniques.

Most recently Ms. Casmey has been a case manager within a foster care agency, and also as a case manager for an inpatient psychiatric hospital.  In these roles Ms Casmey provided treatment plans, and assisted clients reaching short term goals and developing healthy coping skills.   In her role as a Behavioral Specialist with Behavioral Consultants, Inc., Ms. Casmey is responsible for providing psycho-educational therapy with adult defendants in the Outpatient Competency Restoration Program.  In her role as a Regional Jail Specialist, Ms. Casmey’s responsibilities include conducting Intake Assessments, communicating with jail staff and monitoring participants’ clinical presentation, and collaborating with the JBCR Core Team. Ms. Casmey is an LMFT in both California and Wisconsin.

757 N Broadway, Suite 500

Milwaukee, WI 53202

Tel: (414) 271 – 5577

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